Fred Morguelan

Certified Life Coach

Fred Morguelan, P.h.D., is a Certified Life Coach. Having practiced as a Marriage Family Therapist and Licensed Clinical Psychologist for more than 30 years, Dr. Morgulean now draws upon his years of experience to help people become the person they want to be and live life to the fullest. “I’ve trained and specialized in Aging Life Care, and my main priority now is to focus on my work as an ‘Aging Life Care Specialist’ and ‘Life Coach’,” says Dr. Morguelan.

Throughout his career, Dr. Morguelan has served in a number of prominent roles while showcasing his seemingly intrinsic ability to lead by example and care for the people around him. During the 911 crisis, Fred Morguelan was serving as the Coordinator of the Disaster Mental Health Team for the American Red Cross and received the Marion Silberman award for his service. He is also a recipient of the “Legacy Award” from the Santa Barbara County Psychological Association for his work as President and Board member.

“I’d say I’m really passionate about work — and nowhere close to slowing down,” says Dr. Morguelan when asked about his success and current work as a Life Coach. Currently, Fred’s wisdom – amassed through his thousands of hours spent with his patients regarding work – is being codified in a book about work and critical things workers must know to survive today.

Another area of interest for Dr. Morguelan is his desire to help people better understand how to stay healthy in today’s work environment and how to thrive – both physically and mentally – in tough business settings.

Throughout his career, Fred Morguelan has served as President and Board member of the Santa Barbara County Psychological Association, Past Vice President of New Beginnings Counseling Center, and Past President of Santa Barbara Newcomers Club. He has also been a Member of the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, California Society of Industrial Medicine, and the Division of Workers Compensation – Qualified Medical. Fred Morguelan was also a Faculty Member at the University of Southern California for 8 years and the University of California at Los Angeles for two years. Dr. Morguelan also served in the the U.S. Army.

Dr. Morguelan is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He also has a Masters in Psychology from California State University and a P.h.D. in Education from the University of Southern California.

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